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WHAT is insight?
…someone to talk with who is deeply present and open to you, dedicated to hearing and reflecting compassionately.
…a safe, balanced and respectful relationship that you help define and direct.
…a bond that offers some of the best qualities of a friend, life coach, spiritual director or counselor, but without the history and baggage, beliefs and expectations, or labels and psychiatric language.
…peer connection is one of the tools you can use to inspire and motivate yourself as you move toward expanding into your fullest potential.

The peer support approach recognizes that:
…when it comes to emotional well-being, you are the expert and director
…it is possible to heal from trauma
…a key ingredient of recovery is hope
…peer connection is one of the tools you can use to inspire and motivate yourself as you move toward expanding into your fullest potential

WHERE is insight?
Peer support is meant to take place in a community setting, not an office. Insight offers you a choice of meeting in your own home, convening at a coffee shop or park, running errands or doing activities together, or meeting in the insight living room, a cozy, inspiring and private creative space in the heart of downtown Newton, Kansas. Insight serves Harvey and Sedgwick counties.

WHO is insight?
Hi, I’m Marva Weigelt and I’ve spent the last 20 years actively pursuing recovery from grief and trauma while learning to use my healing, empathy and self-invention to inspire others. I believe in grace, hope and transformation, even when they show up wearing interesting disguises like loss, sadness or fear. I am a writer, a ukulele player, a personal peacemaker, and a practitioner of non-judgmental compassion for myself and others. I believe that every person and path deserves my honor and respect. I am trained in peer support through the Wichita State University Center for Community Support & Research. My primary credential is my own journey toward wholeness.


2 thoughts on “About insight

  1. Marva, I recently purchased a ukelele, live in Newton, and am interested in the NUTS group and learning more about that and playing. Of course I’m just learning and conditioning my fingers! We have a mutual friend, Laura Richardson and she says HI. Thanks, Carma


    • Glad to hear from you, Carma. If you are on Facebook you can search for the Newton Ukulele Tunes Society page and “like” it to keep up on what we are doing. Our March jam will be a little out of the ordinary because we will be honoring one of our members who recently died. Normally we endeavor to accommodate all skill levels at our monthly jam, but this one will probably be a little overwhelming for a beginner. Nevertheless, you’d be welcome to come check it out! We’ll be at Carriage Factory Gallery on Thursday, March 17, 6-8 pm.


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